The mysterious 1000 and progressing well in training

A bit over a week into the stay now and all is going fine here. Quiet weekdays in the small town up here, but the weekend is getting close when loads of people come on their way from/to safaris in the Kruger park (on the the biggest natural reverves…

in Africa) and days trips – including Scandinavian tours. The city transforms to being a very busy place packed with tourists buying things and going to the nice restaurants here.

Training is progressing well with a fresh period from day 6 and onwards. But how well is hard to say as the mysterious 1000 meter up here still remains unsolved ; it has been used for a few years now but I have argued it to be a bit short as my float speed seems to be slower in the 1000 m. I do not float above 3.05-10/km and up there I could do so slightly at a “slower speed”. So after too many discussions we finally decided to measure it : first with a cyclecomputer then with a GPS. 40 meters difference… After many,many more debates we finally decided to close the matter once and for all. Got a 5 meter measuring equipment and used it to measure up a 50 meter rope. Before going up there and walk through it all meter for meter. It did not look very smart but anything to close a heated debate.. Unfortunately it proved way too short to Bjornars major frustration and in desperation he decided to control measure the rope. And yes, the 50 m rope had actually stretched itself during the actual measuring with 1,7 meters. The debate now is how much it streched how soon in the measuring. Next time I am bringing a measuring wheel to finally bring some peace in the house:)

Other than that, quiet and peaceful days but hard training. Weather is still nice here, dipping over 25 C yesterday which meant good over 30 in the fresh altitude sun. A great way to get into the Norwegian spring.

All well,