The mysterious 1000 and progressing well in training

in Africa) and days trips – including Scandinavian tours. The city transforms to being a very busy place packed with tourists buying things and going to the nice restaurants here.

Training is progressing well with a fresh period from day 6 and onwards. But how well is hard to say as the mysterious 1000 meter up here still remains unsolved ; it has been used for a few years now but I have argued it to be a bit short as my float speed seems to be slower in the 1000 m. I do not float above 3.05-10/km and up there I could do so slightly at a “slower speed”. So after too many discussions we finally decided to measure it : first with a cyclecomputer then with a GPS. 40 meters difference… After many,many more debates we finally decided to close the matter once and for all. Got a 5 meter measuring equipment and used it to measure up a 50 meter rope. Before going up there and walk through it all meter for meter. It did not look very smart but anything to close a heated debate.. Unfortunately it proved way too short to Bjornars major frustration and in desperation he decided to control measure the rope. And yes, the 50 m rope had actually stretched itself during the actual measuring with 1,7 meters. The debate now is how much it streched how soon in the measuring. Next time I am bringing a measuring wheel to finally bring some peace in the house:)

Other than that, quiet and peaceful days but hard training. Weather is still nice here, dipping over 25 C yesterday which meant good over 30 in the fresh altitude sun. A great way to get into the Norwegian spring.

All well,