Three days to go !

I am now tuning in to Bolivia. The days before you travel to such an altitude, it is important to take it easy in the training. You need to be on top of things when you enter the kind of stress you experience there.

Today was therefore a…

medium hard day. A good aerobic session to get some circulation plus sprints and weighs. Just a nice mix to keep the muscles going. I really do not have to worry about the lungs the days before I go up there….believe me, I will get plenty of time to test them in La Paz :))

I am also working on all kinds of small injuries before I leave. It is very important to be injury free (or close to) before going to such a place as Bolivia. You have very little chance to get rid of injuries there. So I got some acupuncture (works REALLY well for running related injuries) today and will get som more this Wednesday. That should make me fit and ready to go 🙂

So all well from here,