Threshold work at Frognerkilen :)

After a hard intervall session on the treadmill Sunday I ran another good workload together with the Vidar group on Mondays training session down at the Frognerkilen. Nice and comfortable, right below my lactate threshold. Excellent conditions down…

there, always free of ice usually not much wind (it is located right between the waterfront of Oslo and the highway) and very flat. Plus we have measured up an exact 1000 meter making it easy to compare year after year the progression you have. Henrik and I was running together and feeling fine both of us. Just like last year when some of the lift in training shape came from those fast asphalt sessions in between training camps when we were hitting the intervalls there with good speed building up to the spring season. They have located the new Oslo marathon down in that area and I can understand why. You should be looking a long way for a flatter and faster route if you wish to run a fast 42.195 km. Maybe not ideal if you have great number of enterants (it is narrow, only 4 meters wide) but quite nice if you wish for a nice fall marathon time.

Rest day today with two very spaced sessions. Twelve hour between them, much more than normal. Sometimes you just have to fit them in between a busy schedule.

All well!