Treadmill… back again on the same spot where I have built alot of my endurance base since 1999. Which is actually quite nice. I believe alot in running on a treadmill. I spoke to Johan Kaggestad once about it, who coached Ingrid Kristiansen to WR…

in the 1000/5000 and marathon. He said that even in the summer she could do up to 11 sessions of treadmill running a week – and kept her leg muscles going by doing plyometric excersises/jumping. It is quite interesting because alot of people claim treadmill running does not give you the same kind of training as outdoor running. I disagree. I think it is great especially because it helps reduce the toe-off time – thus making you spent less time on the ground. Which is crucial to faster running.

I discovered the effect of the treadmill in 1999 when it was part of my huge jump that season in performance. I did massive number of runs on the treadmill in front of a mirror to get the right long distance technique (I was than a middle distance runner)

So if you have snow and ice out there, do not hesitate to get on the treadmill (I use the Woodway ( ones – which are far superior to any other treadmills I have ever tried.

Long repeats tomorrow on the treadmill.. πŸ™‚