Videoanalyzes and testing

After yesterdays test, we will go through some video analyzes the next few days. Leif Olav taped the different testing phases, like many times before and will use the information to evaluate my running pattern this time a year compared to the…

training I have done and prior tests. Plenty of information there, especially if you add to that the lactate taken during the run, the speed run at and the heart rate. At least in Norway this time a year that is as standarized and complete as we can get it. In addition to that, we got a muscular evaluation from Jonny Høgseth later that day, probably the physio in Norway who has done the most evaluations on the muscle condtition of top athletes in Norway during the last 20 years. A long but satisfying day.

Hopefully I will get the videoevaluation from Leif later this week. He has incredible analytical skills from many years as a successful sprint coach and this ability is very helpful in the investigation of the running pattern seperate from the other tests. It takes extreme analyzes to coach a (white) runner to 10.08 in the 100 meter so important to take adventage of this..

Very easy running today after yesterday. Climbing up to Holmenkollen this morning, just jogging down again at a comfortable pace 🙂

All well!