Win at the Norwegian Cross Country Champs

I had an easy win at the Norwegian cross country championships this weekend. I stayed behind for the first 1500 meters and then built up a lead of 11 seconds over the next 700 meters before floating in on the 3 km course. I was feeling fine, and my…

system is finally getting into the normal rytm after altitude. That is good for me to see.

I did some great workouts today. This evenings anaerobic treshold session was long and hard but also very fast. I ran it in the evening, and I always get people who try to “race” me when doing those. The Sogsvann area where I run is one of the prime areas of Oslo for non-elite runners to go for runs. So when I come by, some of them try to hang with me or run away from me. In a strange way that keeps me sharp – because you sort of go into a daze when doing such long intervalls. And I like to compete, so I always respond to the little “attacks” πŸ™‚

We have mapped out the next stay to Bolivia now. It will be around the 1st of May. So quite busy days back in Oslo now before leaving again. It is all about getting things so ready for altitude stays that you can travel down there with no worries and with all the mental strength you need to do the extreme training program from the coach. The higher you go and the harder you train, the more important is the mental side. You have to WANT the work, otherwise there is no need to just go through the motions. 95 % is not only 5 % less then 100 % it is what makes the difference between a winner and a loser.

All well here from Oslo,