Christmas holiday !

Finally home to Sandefjord for the holiday after a very, very busy fall.

The good thing is that I managed to finish up my degree in Political Science and English at the Univ. of Oslo. Plus I managed to train properly while doing so. Leaving…

all options open for the next year.

I have been lucky during my running career. I have enjoyed the sport, the travel, the planning and the training alot during the last years. But I have been lucky and also had time to make studies the priority during the fall. Lots of reading and catching up but now I have the “bachelor” from Univ of Oslo plus the one year from the Univ. of Indiana for jobs and future choices after my running career.

Training has been going nice and steady the last months. Today I had a threshold session in the morning before leaving for Sandefjord in the evening. And showed a good, steady incrase in speed compared to the previous weeks. Which is inspirational because you know you have done the work needed during the fall despite the studies. That gives me inspiration for January and Kenya. I am in well enough shape to go down there and “hammer” the hard kilometers at altitude.

All well from here !!