In London, preparing for the Europeans

The start of the European Championships is now only two weeks away. After the race in Heusden I took some discussions concerning the road ahead with Ståle, Leif Olav and the national team chief Tømmernes.

Published: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 by Marius

The main thing now is to prepare for the Champs there, be fit and recovered in the leg. I had originally thought about going up to Juvass, to altitude there in Norway – but the training conditions there are somewhat limited (and can be hard on the legs) plus the temperature a bit too low to keep the system nice and going.

So we decided it was best to go somewhere warmer – where it was nice + quiet plus good training conditions. Thanks to the coach of Craigh Mottram, Nic Bideau, I am now in London together with the fysio from the federation. Bideau has been very helpful organizing everything here, we are staying in Twickenham (near Teddington) in South West London. It is in the same area as many of the Kenyans located in London are, plus the group of Bideau. I stay only about 500 meters from a big park where I can run and with track + other good training routes nearby.

Here we have nice, high and stable temperatures and I can run all my runs on nice + soft grass. It makes wonders to the legs – and gaining the running momentum back again. The shape is good so it is basically a matter of bringing it all together again and make the right kind of priorities before the important Europeans.

From London!


– Marble Hill Park where I do the easy runs –