Last touch of altitude

I have arrived St Moritz now for the last altitude training before the Europeans. It has worked for the previous champs and personal records I have set, so trying to use the conditions here to hit it right in Gothenburg.

Actually, all my runs below 13.15 have come post altitude – plus my 9th and 12th place at the World Champs 01 + 05. Like I have said before – if you know how to deal with altitude training it is really no way out of it if you want to be your absolute best.

Training conditions here are perfect as always. Some small rains today but not during the training. A progressive good length sub-threshold session to slighty above threshold this afternoon – increasing in speed and heart rate before varying down again. Good to get your heart going when just arriving up here. Nice to have someone to run with on those also – Craig Mottram came same day from London. Usually I am used to running away from people on those sessions, but with such a strong runner alongside you can just join in on a common float all the way.

I am still working on the leg injury, doing my best to control it. It has been a long and slow process but I am doing my best. No one has ever performed well with just sitting down doing nothing so using all my knowledge and thinking to turn it around 🙂 In situations like this, it is helpful to have some background on how the muscular system works and where+ in what way you should aim your treatment.

Two x easy tomorrow. Just getting the system used to the altitude & recover.

From Switzerland,