Increasing training load

This week is the intro to the very hard period after the initial rest after altitude. The response to the training (if you manage to stay injury free and not get sick) can be quite remarkable during this period as the low lactate levels at the…

threshold enables you do to more harder reps plus the hormonal effect after altitude speeds the recovery quite a bit. You can feel it from the soreness you get through the sessions, but still then the recovery thereafter is fast. So it is really just a matter of running easy when you absolutely have to, other than that press on throughout this period:)

Next week I will be doing some tests again just to ensure that things are ok going into more faster work soon. Always making sure that the endurance element is right, it is what carries you through those 12 1/2 laps on the track.

Still enjoying the Norwegian spring. It is a great to come home from altitude and get this hard training period as we head into the spring and summer..

All well from here,