In Kenya !

I have finally arrived in Kenya now. It is great to be back here. Everything is the same here, even though the city is in gradual developing. I arrived in Nairobi on Tuesday and stayed overnight there until Wednesday when I came up to Eldoret with…

the morning flight. So I got two good sessions yesterday. Same comments like usual when a mzungo comes running through the Kenyan rural areas. Yesterday the comments were “how are you mzungo” (about 15 times) and “bring me to America”. Plus from a five year old who simply said “how are you mzungo, give me your watch” πŸ™‚

I did a quality session today and was feeling fine in the morning. Since I am here alone at the moment I have to take lactate acid tests during the runs myself. But I have found a great way to bring with me the equipment while runnig and an effective routine to do the testing. I used the first two intervalls today to tune into the lactate treshold and then stayed there for the rest of the session.

I am getting some massage this afternoon. Which is a story by itself… the harder they do it, the better they think it is… sort of like driving down here ; the faster you can drive, the better driver you are.. the theory behind giving you really hard muscle treatment is that you have to “break the rocks inside the muscles”… πŸ™‚ No reason to argue against that…

Easy day tomorrow. I will stay here for quite some time and will gradually build up the shape.

All well from Eldoret,