Leaving for Kenya on Tuesday – last update before I leave

I cannot wait to get down to Kenya now ! We had more snow here so the timing seems perfect. I did my last quality session before departure yesterday and was feeling strong. So I have had 5 weeks of great training before going down there ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I…

will be back at the place where most of the worlds best distance runners are from. No better place to start the running season.

We have planned most of the training for the stay now. It is extremely hard. In one way I look forward to it, but in another way I know it will be on the edge of what I can handle. It is a challenge. But I can rest alot down there and the climate/atmosphere makes you recovery much faster than in Norway. Altitude is a great benefit, but I think the training conditions are just as important for choosing Kenya for winter training.

I will meet coach Philemon Boit down in Nairobi when we arrive. They soon have elections (might be some turbulance) down there, so it is nice to have a native guide with us a bit. It is my seventh time down there so I know my way around. But you should always be careful, there is no need to take any risks.

Next update from Eldoret !