Jim and myself left here

The other Norwegians have left St Moritz now and it is only me and Jim Svenoey left here.

We went on a long run together yesterday in a BLISTERING rainstorm. After waiting about 30 minutes for it to clear we saw no other way than to go. The…

weather can be quite harsh up here somtimes and change quickly. Today it it great weather again with 25 degrees and sun..

Both Jim and myself are searching for the World Championship qualifier. He has been quite close already also. If he does not qualify it would be the first time since 1993 he does not participate in the major championship that year (!) Name one other runner in the world who has been in the World Championships 1993, 95, 97, 99 and 2001. The European Championships 1994, 98 and 2002. Plus the Olympics 1996 and 2000…. and he made the finals of about half of them. (plus running in both the World Juniors and European Juniors before that..)

I will get back to the exact dates for competitions to qualify when we have plotted it for sure into the schedule. The time limit is the 13th.

Intervall session tomorrow by the lake close to Silvaplane, the town next to St. Moritz.

All well from here 🙂