Perfect training possibilities – once again

I am very lucky to have discovered such a great training place as St Moritz. For the third year in a row I am here and it is simply great to be back.

This year we have also been very lucky with the weather. 25-26 degrees C and sun even day…

since I came. And of course quite nice and cool night temperatures up here in the Alps.

I went on a run with the athletes from the Netherlands yesterday. At very easy pace in the direction of Pontresina, the small village next to St Moritz. There was quite a nice level on the athletes in the group. Simon Vroemen (8.06 3000 steeple, European record), Jim Svenoey (8.12) Tom Combernolle (13.17 5000) Kamiel Maase (27.20s 10000) Karl Keska (13.20 5000) Sander Schutzen (13.30s) etc. This group went on a long run while the other people that met that morning, Dieter Baumann, Gert-Jan Liefers, Bram Som etc. took abit of a shorter route.

I like to be around athletes like this on the training camp. It is good to travle to places where you have plenty of people to train with such as Kenya and St Moritz.

Tomorrow is an easy day before an intervall session on Monday. I have very good indications down here from previous years and tests so that gives me a fair idea of where I am at.

All well here in Switzerland,