Kenya :)

In under two days I will be down in Kenya. I cannot wait to get down there.

I started the new year with a good, hard training session today which shows that the good progression is continuing. Now it is just to build on that down there. I…

know exactly how to do it – based on the last years experience with altitude and Kenya in particular. Most will be based on the training principles put together in 2000-2001, but also expanded with some new elements that I look forward to trying.

I will be met in Nairobi by one of my Kenya friends, Philemon. Then we will stay overnight there, do a couple of training session before flying up to Eldoret. Where I will probably be one of very few mzungos around, as we do not travel as a big group of runners this year. But that will be fine, I like training and hanging out with the Kenyans.

A happy new year to all of you !