Off to St Mortiz in about one weeks time

A bit over a week until I am leaving for St Moritz, right after school exams are finished. The good thing about St Moritz, is that I am standarized trails/running distances from all seasons since 2000. The only other place I used to have that was in Kenya – until they started putting up fences everywhere in the middle of most of the different test routes..

Published: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 by Marius

That means that the control of pace vs. lactate vs heartrate is almost as good as back in Norway, making it easier to taper into the important races in July/August.

I will be arriving down to race the Rome Golden League 5000 meter a bit under 2 weeks after arrival back home. The timing is 100 % focused on the European Champs and the competition there – but it suits well in with that race also.

Tomorrow a track workout, touching race speed for parts of it together with Leif. It will be gradual, with the last part of it in spikes. Long in terms of length so not looking forward to it alot…you have to really struggle through it – but having run so many years, you just need some of those workouts to really stretch your body ; much more so than just running shorter & faster.

Up in St.Moritz, we will be at least four Norwegian runners probably including Bjørnar who just got the European Champs qualifier with a 8.34 steeple. Plus of course a number of international athletes that are there to prepare for the upcoming Golden League races. Looking forward to that – the quietness of the Swiss Alps plus the building up to the track races 🙂

All well from here,