Off to StMoritz:)

I am heading off to St Moritz tomorrow morning for the altitude stay there. So last track session at sea level this evening – some progressive 400s before taking it easy tomorrow + travelling down there.

Published: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 by Marius

I finished the last exam on Thursday so just getting lots of rest and sleep after that. I was examined with a patient with pain in the foot  – that after clinical examination turned out to be a nerve root affection in the lower back that had disturbed the innervation of some of the foot nerves and therefore “paralyzing” those parts of the foot. Quite challenging as you really had to ask the patient the right kind of questions to rule of things plus be very clear in your actual practial + neurological testing. Very refreshing to have finished all of that and now focusing only on one thing 🙂

I will stay for two weeks down in St Moritz. A bit longer than I have normally been up at altitude this winter. This is partly because of the lower altitude(1850 m vs 2100 in South Africa) plus the very nice and quiet atmosphere there that will be nice now before the buildup before the European Champs.

Next update from St Moritz!