I have now stayed for three days here in Pretoria. And it has so far been a very positive experience. We are staying very close to the High Performance Center here, in a very relaxed atmosphere. A guesthouse with pool, nice food, nice rooms and just…

very laid back. A really great change from Norway :))

Most of the training is done on the endless grass paths and fields around. In many ways it reminds me of my time in the US. The weather (hot and humid), the city structure (houses, streets looks alot like the US) and the campus where I do my runs (part of Univ.of Pretoria). So I get these flashbacks to the wonderful time in particular while training in high school in the Chicago area. A good motivation 🙂

I had a hard training this morning and will do another one this evening. Same as two days ago. Then I was doing a hard AT session in the morning and a training with shorter intervalls with the 400 m sprinters in the evening. They have these grass 400 m. tracks here, so I was running in lane 4-5 while they were doing it in lane 1 and 2. When they get very short recoveries (they were doing it for endurance and muscle recovery) then it works very nicely to run it together.

From South Africa !