Up a bit higher

I have now moved my training to an area about 2 hours drive from Pretoria and will stay here for the remaining part of the stay.

In many ways it is a good mix of the other altitude places I have trained at. It has the African climate of…

Kenya, the running paths of Bolivia (plus the hills there) and the living standard of St Moritz. So I like it so far 🙂

There are plenty of other athletes here also. Among them five other Norwegians and Finnish+Swedish athletes.

This evening is a longer run. Probably stretching up a bit higher. I like the first part of stays at new places, when you can explore and find all the new running routes. I already know where to run my intervalls (did one yesterday) and am now just finding out the different other possibilities.

Yesterdays session was going quite well. I could push allthroughout the session and the heartrate and lactate matched like it should. A very important indicator that everything is going well. So I came back again very, very tired but in a good way 🙂 Those sessions is what you strive for as an athlete. When the muscular chemestry is working so well that you are able to push really, really hard but still keep going….

Time for lunch,