Track session

After a period of endurance I am back on the track again today. It will be interesting to see how it goes, I am in a bit of up and down period after the altitude stay last week. So you never know the results – usually the breathing is excellent but…

the muscular system varies quite a bit during this period.

All now is focused on Bislett and I cannot wait to run there. I had originally planned to make my seasons debute at Florø but a small inflammation behind the knee makes the meeting come just a few days early. I have had it for a period now (it has been there on and off for several years) so no real news, even to the Florø organizers. It does not affect the Bergen meeting or the buildup but it would not be clever to risk making a small thing into something bigger just a few days before the Bislett Games. My manager Ståle Jan who is also the meet organizer in Florø is very clear on those things.

Hopefully I will find a good rythm on todays session. Just gliding through. With the season so close you need to find the smoothness, so that those early laps will come easy 🙂