11 days until the Bislett Games

It is now only 11 days until the Bislett Games. I have had a nice and quiet week in Sandefjord. It has been strangely quiet, but now I start to feel that the race is getting closer. Journalists start to contact me, and people are interested in…

where I am at. All I can say is that all is well and I am really looking forward to racing. Tomorrow I will travel back to Oslo again for a press conference on Wednesday. The last week before a race like this one, I like to have time by myself. My best preparation for a race is to focus on training/the race and simply relaxing. So I like to spend lots of time doing nothing, and just preserve my mental energy for the race. I do that the best in Oslo.

The last week I have also worked on this website. It has been a little bit crazy since it is officially being released tomorrow. I like everything to be up and going, since I have spent time on this project. But now all seems to be running, and I can focus on putting out the daily athletics news (it is actually myself who is doing that – not the webmaster πŸ™‚ ) and personal information.

I have also been in close touch with Peter Coe lately. He is now connected to the net, so I can email him. That makes things easier in communicating with him. He has a special way of preparing me for big races, and his input the days before Rome was an important factor in my qualifying time for Sydney. He gets you into a racing mood with his British wit and high (but easy sounding) goals. It is people like that you need around you the week before a race. So 11 days to go – looking forward to it !


to see the startlist for the meet, click at :

for general information : http://www.bislettgames.com