9 days until Bislett :-)

It is now only 9 days until the Bislett Games and the 5000 meter there. Today I was one of the athletes on a press-conference for the meet, together with Trine Hattestad (WR Javelin earlier this year) and Geir Moen (European 200 m.Champ’94)….

Lots of questions from the press about what I expect from the race. It is 9 days to go, and my goal in the race is to go out outside of trouble (in Rome I had 2.36 at the first 1000 m.and was dead last – but people died…) and stay focused the whole way. Last year was so much fun, with the homecrowd and the Bislett Stadium, which is FANTASTIC to run on. Those laps there go by so quickly ! Long straightaways,and short curves. Perfect for the long distances. Ever since I was 12 years old and ran my first meet at Bislett, I have loved that stadium. So I expect to do the right tactical things there, and have fun when I race. I have already achieved a time this year, that I am satisfied with, so I really have nothing to lose. Sydney is the most important thing for me now, but Bislett Games will be a great experience for me on the way. With a field of 20 runners, and 17 of them with stronger times then me……that means go-go-go from the gun. I cannot wait !!!! My last track session was today. All is well, but the real racing form comes 3-4 days before. THAT is when you are ready for some real racing, nice and rested. Well, people, I will write some more in a few days. Meanwhile, follow the daily news on this site ! Kenyan trials coming up – I am glad I do not have to do those to qualify. …..last time I raced in Kenya I was 36th in a local cross country race :-))

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