One week to the Bislett Games !

One week to go. Not much new, really. All my training is still going well. I have cut down on the work on my internet site now, to just focus before Bislett 5000 m. Now, my time is spent on conserving energy. I can feel the race getting closer….

Tomorrow I have an interview with the P4 radio at 4.30 pm, but I try to put most longer interviews (Sydney stuff etc) off until after Bislett. Having appointments every day adds to the daily stress, and that is something you get enough of before such a major race, especially when it is in your home country. So I have people to take care of that now. My mobile phone is mostly turned off, and the person responsible for the press in Norwegian athletics takes care of those things. That works much better then doing it all yourself. You simply need all the time you can get to find the right racing mood, and get your body “ready for battle” (words of Mr.Coe πŸ™‚ ) That’s about all from me today. All well, a week before the race.

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