13.06.39 in Rome

I am happy with last evenings race in Rome. My plan before the race was to break the regular pattern of going out in 7.55-7.57 like I have done in all my previous five sub 13.15 races. So I took it out in 7.49 at the 3000 meters and just hang in…

there as best I could πŸ™‚

The feeling was fine throughout the race. It was a fast opening pace, and even with a 29/60 first 200/400 I was way back in the field. Ideally it should have been a bit slower to get the system going a bit more gradual but with 28 fast runners on the startline you just had to go with it. From there on I tried to get a good rythm with some backs to stick to. First Mark Carroll, then Cragg of Ireland but they died off before the 3000 meters. At the 3000 I got into a vacuum and from there on I pretty much had to catch in on African runners and had no group to run with. So it was just to push on as much as you had lap by lap.

Three good races in a row feels good. I will need this stability in an Olympic year.

All well πŸ™‚