Testing, testing, testing :)

I am going through a series of tests at the moment to make sure that all systems are working as they should before starting the last preparation phase towards Athens.

This will be continued for another couple of weeks before travelling to…

St. Mortiz, Switzerland mid July for a two weeks stay there. It has been a while since I stayed long at altitude now (only a short one of May) so I am looking forward to triggering the aerobic system again.

After Rome I took two days totally off training. It felt right as I had pushed my limits very hard down there – with a fast start and hot conditions (great test before Athens) It has been long since I last did this, but it was refreshing. Then, yesterday I was hammering intervalls on the treadmill again, testing the lower end aerobic system as a start to the testing protocol. Today I went through a series of speed tests before resting with a two easy runs tomorrow.

My goal is to be the best prepared athlete on the 5000 meters start in Athens. Maybe not the fastest, maybe not the strongest, but at least the best prepared one. By monitoring my system from all views and angles at this time I can go into the preparation phase knowing what to focus on and what to just keep the same. And hopefully be at the start of Athens knowing I did absolutely all I could until then.

From Oslo,