Preparing for St Moritz

In about a weeks time I will travel for the last altitude stay of the year to beautiful St Moritz, Switzerland. It is a place I have been three summers before and it is close to perfect for training. Easy travel, altitude, great running paths (even…

quite flat all through), tartan track and summer atmosphere. So I am looking forward to spending some time there πŸ™‚ It is a place where you can put in the mileage needed without feeling the stress is brings with it. You train, walk around the small town, relax, have dinner and do some more training before the late evening comes. Together with plenty of other athletes, runningcamps and elites, that are there. Always people to run with, always plenty of time to relax. What you need in the middle of the summer to build some of the endurance back into your system.

I will probably take a short trip back to my hometown Sandefjord this weekend. To say hi to some people there before the real buildup for the Olympics starts. Plus get a chance to do some small testing in the training routes I have run in since I was a small boy. The easy stuff goes slower and slower year by year but luckily the fast stuff goes faster and faster.

In the meantime some easy runs here in Oslo. I did some extremely hard sprintwork yesterday and it could certainly be felt in the whole system. But from making me dead-flat-tired yesterday I am now back again to almost normal after a night of rest. Which shows me (once again) that recovery is more than fast enough – just like it should be πŸ™‚

From Oslo,