Some good treadmill runs

This week I am focusing on the treadmill for intervall work. As I am now into a period of heavy endurance training plus testing I have to do va ariation within that frame week by week to achieve the adaption I prefer. With faster work, track stuff…

or explosive elements this kind of adaption is no problem. But when you go mile after mile on almost the same speed around your anaerobic threshold just to build the optimal muscle chemistry you need to find some kind of variation on this. It is actually quite easy and gives you a great effect. Like last week all of those runs were outside on cinder, this week they are done on treadmill, next two weeks in altitude, next one on cinder, the one after that on treadmill again. Just minor changes but each time you sense a stabilization in effort, speed and lactate you push things by changing some of the outside factors. Training is a matter of adaption, change of rythms, stretching the body further – and you should never get too far away from this element or you will level off at some point or another.

In the winter alot of these things will be changed/adapted through the intervall length etc but now in the summer I like to keep a similar pattern (not much so periodization, only micro cycles) throughout to keep in total control of the endurance element.

This will be combined with a bit of sprint work on Thursday, just to freshen up abit. Then, a few days later off to St Moritz for altitude πŸ™‚ Time to do the last preparation before the Olympics. I cannot wait to get there, to push the body allthrough in one of the nicest running places around πŸ™‚

All going well,