13.09.19 at the Bislett Games :))

(picture link at the end of article) I set a new Norwegian and Nordic record for 8th place at the Bislett Games Golden League today. Extremely encouraging and it shows that all the hard work I have done over the last year finally pays off….

The race developed with a first 3000 meter where I had to work hard to get in a good rythm. I passed in 7.55 after kilometers of 2.37-2.37-2.41. Then I pressed on and did the last two kilometers in 5.14. I closed in 2.31 and got the record.

It was an incredible adrenaline kick to run in front of the home crowd. They guided me through the last laps, where I advanced from 18th place to 8th. I have never, ever heard anything like that in my whole life. A stadium with full force backing you up. Thank you Bislett !!

The feeling during the race was a bit mixed. I had the time-reference all the time, and I felt that the first 5-6 laps took more energy then expected. But when I turned on the wheels and got some more strength into my stride the lap times dropped. Then I got new hope to get close to the record. I knew I had to run 2.01 in the last 800 meters to run 13.11 and when Ståle Jan, my manager, shouted at me with 200 meters to go I knew I had it.

A dream from I was a kid…..and it was inspiring to see that the best Kenyans were only a few seconds in front – and alot of them behind me. The winner got 13.00. I have never been that close. That does something to your motivation and helps you continue to search for better times and excellence in the sport you enjoy.

Time to get some rest now. It is 2 at night and my body is crying for sleep :)))



1 112 BITOK, Paul KEN 13:00.10

2 126 LIMO, Benjamin KEN 13:01.88

3 168 KIBOWEN, John KEN 13:02.88

4 123 KIPKOSGEI, Luke KEN 13:03.48

5 122 KIPKETER, Sammy KEN 13:03.92

6 124 KOMEN, Daniel KEN 13:07.80

7 114 CARROLL, Mark IRL 13:08.32

8 110 BAKKEN, Marius NOR NR 13:09.19

9 115 CHEBII, Abraham KEN 13:12.53

10 131 NYARIKI, Tom KEN 13:15.05

11 134 VICIOSA, Isaac ESP 13:15.94

12 125 KOSGEI, Joseph KEN 13:16.78

13 113 BOIT, Josphat KEN 13:17.12

14 130 MUGI, Gordon KEN 13:17.40

15 127 MAIYO, Benjamin KEN 13:17.45

16 121 KENNEDY, Bob USA 13:17.51

17 129 MOLINA, Enrique ESP 13:18.20

18 116 GHARIB, Jhouad MAR 13:19.69

19 111 BEKELE, Kenenisa ETH 13:25.86

20 119 KAMATHI, Charles KEN 13:31.56

132 ORNELLAS, Helder POR dnf

120 KEINO, Martin KEN dnf

183 GARHARA, Daniel KEN dnf