194 meter intevalls on the track..

I did an evening session today at the Moi University track. A cinder track right outside Eldoret. I like that one better than Kipchoge Stadium because it is in better condition. I have run there many times, but the track seemed sort of strange. The…

200 meter splits did not make sense. One 200 meter seemed longer than the other. Well it turns out the track is only 388 meters (!). Only in Kenya…. but I guess if take into account the bumps and holes during a lap it would probably add up to about 400 meter 🙂 The session felt fine, I was just working my way through some track reps after a hard session this morning. The length of the track reminds me of two years ago when I asked Brother Colm at St Patricks High School about the 1.49.4 Kipketer is registred at in the 800 meters at the age of 13. I asked if his age was correct. “Yes it is”, he said. But added :”though the track was too short and the watches too slow”…

Bumped into Daniel Komen at the hotel yesterday. I have been in races with him many times but it is sort of strange to just bump into someone like that like you do here in Eldoret. Inspirational to put it that way.

Great training conditions now. A bit rain during the night makes the paths soft and nice. Sunny and warm during the day, fine running temperature in the evenings and morning.

All well !