Cross counry race tomorrow, things going well in Kenya

There will be a cross country race outside Eldoret tomorrow. I will only be watching it this time. I have raced in them three times, but I need some more acclimatization before I should enter. I tried to run the Kenyan national cross country the…

second day up here once. Not to be recommended, I though I was about to die 🙂

I am feeling better for each day up here. The relaxing lifestyle, plenty of rest, good food and great weather/trainingconditions make progress possible at a very high level of performance. I will go into the hard middle part of the altitude stay next week, but with already good mileage in my legs.

You get little things here and there that reminds you of the Kenyan running mentality. Yesterday, Philemon Boit the coach down here was asked if he was training at the moment (he is now 41) He replied : “Only twice” That is….only twice a day :))) To the great surprise to the mzungo that asked. Three times training up here, 6, 10 and 6 again is normal routine. I have done that, but decided to stick with most twice a day runs. Their morning run is extremely slow, only 6-7 minute pr km usually (with a bit harder at the end if it is an easy day)

I came home totally out of it after the training this morning. 32 km, with most of it at hard intervall pace. That takes some energy out of you….. I dragged myself into the hotel only to see that the waiter was ready with a big bottle of cold Coke !!! How sweet that tasted :)))))

All going well in Eldoret,