3 days until the Bislett Games

3 days to go…..today I was doing some easy speedwork, strides and some AT work. Nothing special, but very important to keep your legs sharp before a race. I hope for a nice curve before Bislett – I could feel myself a bit tired today….

Tomorrow, I will be on a program called “Sommeråpent” on national TV (“NRK”) in the evening, and on Thursday I will be at the traditional Bislett Strawberry party (before the meet – it is a 30 year tradition) So I will have plenty of little things to do before I race. Just perfect. It gives me a chance to move around and think about other things, while a the same time have enough space to focus on the race. And because the Bislett Stadium is only 5 minutes away from where I live, the travel will be non-existing. Quite nice.

I talked to Svein Arne Hansen, the meet director of Bislett Games, at the Norwegian championships. He seemed anxious about the meet, as always. The field he has put together in the 5000 meters gives me plenty of chance to run a good race, and I am glad he organizes the meet and gives Norwegian athletes the chance to preform well. All thanks to people like that. He opened up for me to run the meeting in 1999, when my personal best was only 13.39 and I ran 13.22 for a huge personal best. I could not have done that/got that chance without the Bislett Games and “Mr.Hansen”.

Time to rest. 10 hours of sleep does the trick. 5000 meters is “only” 12 1/2 laps around the track, but for a young mzungo (“white”) it is more than enough when chasing those Kenyans 🙂