4 days to go, more track work

I am sharpening and tapering the best I can at the moment. Just trying to bring all the energy in there for Friday. I am getting valuable help on the sessions from Leif Olav, for special adjustments on the muscular system. I can take care of the…

rest without any problem, but on some things you need somebody there to do the watching. So I got help during the track session today. I was feeling fine and hopefully it will bring give me that little extra in the legs before Friday. In addition to that we did some very easy, but clever passive plyometric (jumping) work do increase the leg spring/tension before the race. Small stuff but important at this time.

It is hard to say where I am, but at least I will give it a shot for the Olympic Qualifier.. but I will need a good race day shape plus all the peaking factors coming together at the same time. Now most of the work is done, only small adjusting factors to go 🙂