Under a week until Bislett :)

It is now under a week until the Bislett Games in Bergen. The startlist has been unpdated now, take a look at http://www.bislettgames.com Very strong field, with some interesting starts as well. Among them,…

the younger Bekele who ran 7.45 in the 3000 meters just the other day. Very impressive by the someone only 17 years old..

I will travel to Bergen on Thursday. It will be a bit strange to fly over there and run the Bislett Games as I am used to driving five minutes downtown for the meeting ; in very familiar surroundings that I see daily here in Oslo. But the new stadium in Bergen is a good alternative, though, it looked great when I saw it just a few weeks agao.

Things are going fine in the buildup. If I am lucky and things go well I should have a change of getting somewhere near the 13.21 Olympic qualifying limit. It will in case be a good progression from last years 13.33. Either way, I am looking forward to a seasons debute now..

From Oslo,