4 days until Bolivia

Bolivia is getting really close. All the planning and little things to take care of is getting ready. There are all kinds of details that need to be taken seriously, when going to developing countries like Kenya and Bolivia. Enough things will…

happen there anyways, so you better try to limit these “surprise” factors as best you can on beforehand.

Training is going well. My running muscles are tuning in to training stress again, and I am running with my usual stride again. I think the timing will be perfect – building up the mileage and feeling nice and rested before going to Bolivia where the altitude stress for sure will make you work hard.

I have also spent some time having small lectures lately. One in Halden (for the orienteering team there) on Saturday and one in Oslo the day after for the top triathletes. Quite interesting to see what kind of running training these sports are doing – trying to mix different components and running being one of them.

All well,