New training camp : Bolivia. Leaving for La Paz on Friday

Well, people. My season of training will soon start for real. And I will start it in the Andes Mountains – in Bolivia, near the capital of La Paz….

Coach Frank and I have planned this for over a year now, and finally we are ready to go down…

there. We started the search for a new training place to find a good alternative for Kenya. The problem with Kenya is that it is hard to find good variation in altitude. Most of the altitude area by Eldoret goes from 2000 meters to 2500 meters. So we wanted somewhere else, where the range is greater.

We also wanted to experience a new place and see another culture up close. So we searched the map, and found two interesting areas that were 1) high enough 2) interesting enough. They were Northern China and Bolivia. Then we found info on those two places, and ended with Bolivia. The temperature, altitude, and running conditions are suppose to be great down there.

It will be Frank, Henrik Sandstad (14.09 5000 meter) and myself going down there. A small little group, but with a very professional attitude torwards running and performance. I like to travel in small groups. It is better if you want to keep focus over a long period of time.

So 6 days to go until a whole new running experience. It will be the 23rd country I run in 🙂


(see link to pictures from Bolivia below this text)
Pronounced As: boliv, Span. bolvyä , officially Republic of Bolivia, republic (1995 est. pop. 7,896,000), 424,162 sq mi (1,098,581 sq km), W South America. One of the two inland countries of South America, Bolivia is shut in from the Pacific in the W by Chile and Peru; in the E and N it borders on Brazil, in the SE on Paraguay, and in the S on Argentina. Sucre is the constitutional capital and seat of the judiciary, but La Paz is the largest city, political and commercial focus of the nation, and the administrative capital and seat of government.