4 days until my first race of the season

The 2000 meters in Florø is only 4 days away now. The field will be mostly Africans I think, at least 4-5 of them, with a few Norwegians. But the competition will be stiff, so I have to run hard.

So how do I feel ? I feel just fine, but I…

have the feeling of uncertainty that I always have before the first race of the season. But I like to look at it in a positive way : it is a way of preparing your body for preforming well. Why is it that you race better than you train ? Why it is “impossible” to run as fast in a practice run compared to a race ? Simply because your human instincts reacts to special contition and your are 100 % alert before and under a race. Without this uncertainty and tension in your body you will not perform as well. I believe you have to play with your body, even when it comes to mental reactions that might feel uncomfortable at the time. There is a reason why they are there, and it is my task as an athlete to use them to the fullest and best. A performance is always the sum of all factors and reactions, physical and mental.

My physical condition is fine. I have not been more then 4 weeks on the tartan track so far because of only cinder tracks in Kenya(compared to 8 weeks before my season debute last year with 7.42 3000), so the interesting thing will be so see how my “sting” in the stide is. How smooth I can rest at high speeds. I can float at “regular” speed in practice now, but the question is how it will be when I repeat this in a race and have to conserve energy to spend the least possible power. I would say that I was better prepared last year for the 3000 meter seasons opening considering this, but I am much better prepared for the season in general this year. All tests show it.

Looking forward to racing again !