My Kenyan training partners have arrived

Just a few days ago, three of my Kenyan friends arrived Norway to stay here over the summer. Frank is the one bringing them over – he has worked with Kenyans since 1992. They live just 200 meters from where I stay so it is perfect for training. In…

the winter I have time to go there to get proper matching, but in the summer when I stay long periods in Norway I need some real competition in training here also. Then it is perfect to just bring some Kenyans here :-))

Two of the athletes have been to Norway before. Last year one did 7.45 in the 3000 meters and the other did low 8.30s in the steeple. Then there is a third guy, Kosgei, who started running is November. He has just been killing the other ones in practice down in Kenya. I watched him do 2000 meters and 1000 meters down there, and he was flying leaving the others far behind. Should make some strong times for the summer. The 7.45 guy and the steepler are only 17 and 18 years old, so good prospects (and yes, the are/actually look that young, they are not 25 saying that are 16 πŸ™‚ ) The steepler has progressed well over the winter, winning the Rift Valley regional in cross country (the hardest cross country region in the world, for sure !), beating the Kenyan runner who later got second in the World Juniors in Belgium. But in Nationals he lost his shoe in the start, and had no change is the high grass at the Ngong Race Track – so he did no qualify for Belgium.

Looking forward to some good sessions over the summer πŸ™‚