9 days to go until the 5000 m. prelims

The times is closing in on the World Championships. From my “sheltered” existance here in Chicago, I do not feel it much. It is really the perfect place to be. It will leave me mentally fresh to go into the Championships. Here, I have good friends…

around me, but no stress around running, as most of them are retired York runners.

I will leave from here on Wednesday and fly into Edmonton. Then I will have five days there before the prelims (heats). That should be enough to relax and get used to the atmosphere and get into the racing mind needed for a good performance. Right no it seems so far away – but as soon as I step into the racing focus a few days before I will be ready.

Training has been going well lately. I am still treating my groin muscle injury the best I can, and it should not be bothering me. I just have to be careful and I am. I had some floating repeats at my anerobic treshold (AT) yesterday, and I could feel the altitude training still in my body. Just like I want it. Then it will start to get lighter and lighter all the way until the racing period. At least that is the plan 🙂

All well from Chicago,