Cooler conditions in Chicago now

When I came to Chicago, it was really hot for distance running. 35 degrees celsius and very humid. Now it is better, and I am glad, because I have started the final tapering for the Worlds now. I needed a few days easy after the hard altitude stuff…

(that means sleeping alot and only easy jogging for workouts) but now I am well into the final preparations. Because I started racing so late this year, I still feel fresh and ready. Not like I usually feel, when I compete from late April and feel tired and out of it in August.

I see that the teams for different nations is getting ready now. The Kenyans and Ethopians will be strong this year ! First of all, they (for once) managed to qualify their best athletes….second, they are using altitude camps before the Championships. That makes them even better then what we see in most competitions. My guess is that the Africans are ready to kick back at the Arabs (Marrocco/Algeria/ex-Maroccons), by getting some more structure into the preparations. It will be interesting to see.

Really not much new from here. Some small tests will come in the next few days. Will give me a good indication on where I am at,

From Chicago, Marius