All well from Mantova:)

I am well into training here in Italy now, in the small city around 2 hours drive south of Milano. Monday was an AT session and today is a long track session on the nearby Mondo track.

Published: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 by Marius

Training here is good. Nice, soft paths around the lakes surrounding the city. Plus parks to run intervalls in around the track area.

On Mondays session I was running together with Oeystein Sylta, a 8.40 steepler. Though I am slightly stronger considering the lactate it is close enough to be training together (I just adjust myself down one notch). On those sessions it is motivational with some company as most of those sessions are run alone on the treadmill while back in Norway. He should have a good season if he continues like this – monitoring training closely and training with great consistancy.

We are in the middle of a group of larger cities around here so plenty of time for small trips around the area such as Venize. Though on the hard training days you have to be careful and rest, on the easy ones is is nice to see some of the places around here 🙂

All well from Italy,


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