Back to the Norwegian spring

Plus back to school again and more on the skeletal muscle system, ligaments and the working of the different systems of movement. Lots of reading now, before going into a period of tests and exams going from the very beginning of June up until around the 15th.

A very nice session in Mantova yesterday before going back home, in the park next to the stadium there. Dead flat and very hard surface – just like I like it this time a year. So got a good float on the 1000 meters and getting lacate tests done in between runs in the nearby car ( I usually run with the lactate meter in my hand on the runs, but it is more convinient on the a bit faster stuff to just leave it somewhere)

Next week will still be going hard, trying to push as much as possible on the hard AT runs (=be well rested and fresh – plus get  a good float) and maybe a longer track session in racing flats very controlled. The snow is about to melt around the track also, so should be possible.

Brief update, back in Oslo again!