On the track – striding through

Nice to be back on the Sognsvann track again – after the snow has melted. First track session there on Monday, a longer one of 12 km in racing flats at increasingly faster pace with short recoveries.

Published: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 by Marius

I have many tests  on those sessions, so nice to have something to compare the lacate values with. With about 5500 tests in total now you  can always find a reference 🙂

A threshold session today and yesterday on the treadmill. Trying to flatten about the curve around the AT as much as possible at this time – before moving more into a track focus.

Not much new other than that. Only about a month until the first of the tests/exams at school now, so memorizing the names,functions, starting point and insertion of the muscles of the body in addition to bones, ligaments + joints. Very busy days (though very relevant and interesting:) ), so trying to balance  every hour of the day. But it sure is challenging – as sponsors, press and others want bits of you as it gets closer to the season. So trying to keep communication open there, think about priorities – as this is by far the most busy period of the year.

Hopefully some outdoors faster runs soon also, outside of the track. But first I need to hit the mark I want on the treadmill tests 🙂

All well from Oslo!