All well here in St Moritz

After spending the night in Oslo after the Rome meeting I left for St Moritz, Switzerland on Sunday to get some good training done again after five hard distance races in five weeks.

The race in Rome developed sort of like Bislett. Feeling…

very easy and relaxed up to 2000 meters (5.18) but then gradually just got locally tired in the quads after that. This kind of race developement is very rare for me as I usually have my strength at the end of races. It gives me a few ideas of what kind of work is needed now to find back to the shape I had about a month and a half ago. And the perfect place to do so is here in St Moritz where everything is right on the spot for distance running.

There is quite a few Norwegians here at the moment. Jim Svenoey (8.12 steepler), Karl Johan Rasmussen (about 2.14 marathon), Stine Larsen (2.27 marathon) plus two female 5000 meter runners at around 15.40. I was a bit surprised as I am used to being about the only Norwegian athlete down here this time a year. But is is nice with some company.

We all live right by St Moritz Bad, next to the running track and the running paths.

I am not yet sure how long I will stay here. It depends on the racing plan and progress from here on. I have another month to qualify for the Worlds so no hurry there. I only need to find back to where I normally am and I will be there πŸ™‚

All well here from the Swiss Alps,