Rome 5000 meter Friday

I am leaving tomorrow from here and will travel directly to Rome and the Golden League meeting there.

The aim of the race is to meet the World Championship qualifier of 13.25 that I missed with 8 seconds on Bislett. It is another month until…

the standard has to be met but it would be ok to do it now. Either way, I will travel to St. Moritz on Sunday after the race.

I have very good memories from Rome. I did 13.11 there in 2000 to break Lasse Virens Nordic record and also had a good race there the year after. The track is very hard (like most southern European tracks) and fast. And the crowd and atmosphere is great.

I will race either at 20.40 Norw/Italian time or 21.08. Two different schedules out there. Either way it will be broadcasted directly on the Norwegian NRK2.

Last update before Rome šŸ™‚