….and some rabbiting

Yesterday I stepped on the track for the first time since the Olympics. A friend of mine wanted someone to pace him around the training session, of some 400 in the low 70s so I took the challenge and moved along. It as beautiful weather last evening…

on the track and he must have had the easiest ride of his life behind there 🙂 My aim was to run as even paced as possible, for each 100 meter. I am already pretty good at it but not at this pace, so the small challenge was there. Guess that is the way it is with runners, you always want to meassure, know the exact figures, try to improve something/hit is right. So even now when I am “resting” I cannot resist that.. He was happy with the workout, it is always easier when you are two doing it. Keep the motivation high, and you can force the pace just that little extra (when needed). I was feeling very comfortable, of course, but the legs still benefitted from this “floating” – right at my usual threshold pace..

From now on I will also do some of my training with Henrik who is in quite good shape at the moment, running 64 in the half marathon. He will assign the pace and I will just go along. We have done this in periods before, when I am resting/not in top shape. It works great because we have such a good understanding of eachothers running mentality and attitude in general. That makes it real easy to adapt to those things.

Today only some easy running to loose up the legs. Even with the slow pace yesterday I need an easy day 😉

From Oslo,