Back to threshold training

After a gradual pickup in training I am now back to “normal” volume on the threshold sessions. Not as many daily sessions and not close to nearly as fast but at least I am back to where you have to be in order to build it slowly and gradually. It…

takes time, lots of patience, but it is the way to do it. You basically have a choice (if you are not a pure natural talent) : either be king of the winter or king of the summer πŸ™‚ I have seen many, many runners do extremely good training sessions in the winter. Even at the top athletics center on treadmill sessions runners running next to me claim to be on their threshold while running 0.5 km faster..

It makes me think of my years as a middle distance runner, especially when I was coached under Mr.Coe. The training was hard and intense the year through. Lots of fun but for most it will not work for long distance training. For long distance you just have to do it gradually, otherwise you will peak in the early May races or during the wintertime on different occcations (not able to really control any real progression)

I will continue trainings with Henrik the following weeks. He does the Norwegian half-marathon championships tomorrow but then goes into two weeks of good training. So then I will try to stick with him on the sessions:) Hopefully I can give him a hand in preserving the fine shape he is in at the moment..

All well from rainy Oslo,