Testing the shape ;)

Now, for the last weeks since the Olympics I have done about the following training :

Two weeks with only two times a week training. Followed by one week with only easy runs, once daily and for the last weeks once a day training with three…

intervall training weekly.
For most of you this may seem more than enough to keep a “good level” for someone who did 13.06 this summer. I have had many, many discussions with different people over the years who claim I will run quite well if I did winter/fall competitions. My tests of course show way different things ; I am able to build my shape incredibly much considering where I come from at the start. Through very careful+smart planning and very hard work. But because most of my running ability is through this, as soon as I have to back down on this stimulus the shape will drop.

But for the fun of it I will throw in a few low key competitions this fall starting this weekend. Just very, very low key stuff – but fun events. So we will see how fast it goes πŸ™‚

All is well. I am training and building shape as much as possible now. I like the fall training. It is spontanious, I can throw away most of the measurement equipment and just run on the feeling. The training results are not that good then, but it is just a nice confirmation of the stuff I am doing the rest of the year – and how that works.

From Oslo!