“Recovering” after the weekend..

It was fun to run one of the 4.195 km legs on the “marathon relay” team this last Saturday. On asphalt and quite hilly, but I got into a nice rythm and floated along. We took the train out to Ås, where the replay was held, in the morning and got…

underway around twelve. About two and a half hours later we had finished the whole thing.

This used to be a big event some years ago with many teams participating. But it is good that they keep up the good tradition there.

I will try and stick to Henrik during this weeks work. He is training were good these days and will be a perfect one to stay behind to get into shape again. His runs rythmically and even paced and always finishes the trainings. You need that kind of attitude around you once you start up again. A runner can never always rest and body and mind for periods of time – but never too long, especially once you have started the real training again..

It is just a matter of getting in good enough shape again to get up high (toe running) during the hard runs. In that middle phase of your shape you get nothing “for free” and it can certainly be felt during the looong threshold runs 🙂 As one of the runners on the commented out at Ås : “I saw you were out running the other day,but it did not look very good” 🙂 Now, that was during an easy run (very easy) and probably not a very good indication of the real shape..

Just some easy threshold runs today to get some blood flow through the legs.

All well from here,