A string of great coaches

I got an email from coach Newton at York high school today and also another email that illustrated the many great coaches that have followed me throughout the career. I believe not many athletes have have been as lucky as I have ;

From age…

13-17 and 20-21(22) (13.22 5000m) Per Halle, 7th in the 72 Olympics, 13.27 5000 meter former 10000 meter Norw.rercord holder. Also coached another Olympic athlete from stratch.
From 17-18 Mr.Joe Newton, York High School USA. Incredible success in high school/US. USA Olympic Coach 1988 and one of my main inspirations in life and as a runner.
From 18-19 and as an important adviser since Mr.Peter Coe. Father of former World Record holder Sebastian Coe (WR 800/1000/mile) Structured, hard intervalls and all around running. No limits.
From 19-20 Coach Sam Bell at Indiana University. Coach of Bob Kennedy for many years before his 12.58 to be the first caucasian under 13 minutes in the 5000 meters. Helped me realize the possibilities.
From 21 (22)-24 Frank Evertsen. Doctorate work in lactate treshold training. Brought my training to a new level through the contact with Kenyan athletes and altitude training. Made me realize that special results needs special work.
From 24 Eystein Enoksen. Doctorate work in the coaching role. Great knowledge and personal abilities to bring my running to another level. Comes from the middle distances and will bring his special elements into the training regime.

I have been lucky on the way. Nice to think about when your body feels much less than lucky after 5 weeks of hard training down (up)here :)))

From Kenya,