Back !

I am now safely back in La Paz again after a looooong and strange journey in the remote areas of Bolivia. Through the days there, we have experienced temperatures from -5 to +35 Celsius, from snow-capped moutains to the tropical jungles of Bolivia….

Ranging several thousand meteres in altitude.

We started our trip on Thursday, going up to the flat Altiplano area above La Paz. It looks as remote as it is. Much more so then our other training base outside La Paz. But extremely nice training conditions. And extremely simple living conditions. My nights up there, where we found the training base of our dreams, were in a double sleepingbag, on two madrasses (no bed, like expected..), with a thick hat on, with no electricity, no water (especially one of the mornings when even my drinking water next to the bed froze 🙂 ) and no people around for miles. But what training conditions we found ! Right there, only 90 minutes drive to the tartan track of La Paz. 90 minutes the other direction to the Lake areas where it is great for long, hard distance runs. 90 minutes down to 1500 meters altitude and the jungle (great for high speed runs close to competitions and heat acclimatization), 90 minutes only from the international airport and right next to some perfect slopes to train on. And ideal altitude. I would say you would have a hard time finding a place like this anywhere else in the world with these surrounding and possibilities. Simply great, and worth the time to find.

And the trip was even safer then expected. The closest we came to danger on our trip was the incredibly narrow roads down to the jungle. Where it is left-side driving because the car coming from down has the best view of his outside tire…..pretty logical actually. Last year, 28 cars went over the edge of one of the roads nearby (we avoided that particular road – I like my life too much…) last year..

This will be my training base before the Bislett Games and the European Championships.

We are now tuning into the last days here in Bolivia. Had a good training session on the track today, even after all the change in surroundings from the trip. Shows me that I am on my way 🙂

All well from here !